How to learn to write a composition on literature

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In this article we will consider an important question: how to learn to write a composition on literature? There are many approaches.

1. Training in the selection of subjects. If you have the opportunity to choose a topic, pick the one on which there are exciting thoughts to which you wouldn’t refuse to chat with friends. In any book, you can find an idea that outrages or inspires you, let it not be the main line of the story. If there is no interest in the topics, try to approach the teacher and offer your own – most often the teacher is pleased with the initiative, especially if you have not shown it before. If you haven’t a choice and don’t like your topic, how to learn to write a composition?

Try to look at it as a challenge. Is it boring, annoying, not interesting? Try to go further – what exactly causes this reaction? Most often, the topic is very far from you, but if you think about what a character from your friends might look like? Try to mentally remove the scenery and age of the characters, look for points of contact with your life, perhaps it will help you find something interesting and write your own thoughts on this topic.

2. Training in the formulation of thoughts. There is a question, but how to describe what I think? Like in the head there are words, but they aren’t written in any way. There is a way! The text is built of 4 elements: actions, thoughts, emotions and description – rely on it. Break up your future composition into semantic parts: introduction, the main theme, completion, think and write on the draft, what keywords enter into each part, so that all 4 elements are. So create a “skeleton” of the composition, and then add details. Start with an essay or don’t take a school program at all, and write an article in freestyle about your favorite movie or game – so you can stuff your hand.

Don’t demand from yourself immediately an excellent result, the skill of writing a beautiful text is a long work. How to learn how to write an essay? Train, make mistakes and write a lot.