Essay and report

The eternal question of students: how to write a term paper and get good evaluation?

Writing a term paper is an obligatory task at the end of the course at any faculty and in any higher educational institution. It is the graduation project – the final and most important test, in its success, teachers judge the overall performance of students and the mastery of the entire course. After defending the diploma, the student becomes a young graduate and starts looking for a job that suits him for education.

It is only natural that not every student is able to write a term paper for a good evaluation. This can be affected by many different factors. But what would not happen, each student will have to defend the diploma.

The advices that our experts have prepared will help each graduate to complete the education deservedly and receive an excellent rating for the diploma work.

Recommendations for writing term paper

Before you start the project, you should consider several important rules:

the topic of the diploma should suit you and be “close”;

the complexity of the topic and the material itself should correspond to your real knowledge, because teachers easily determine your real knowledge on the protection of the project;

the necessary materials for writing a diploma on a particular topic should be available to the student.

To begin, as we have already said, it is worthwhile choosing the topic and getting acquainted with the necessary materials. After a brief review of the data, you need to add a plan for the future project. On the same stages it is necessary to determine the right time (better with a margin) which you need to complete the work. The established deadlines should be strictly adhered to in order to have time to write a diploma without haste and panic.

List of the main sections of term paper

After determining the work plan, the terms for implementation and selection of materials, you can start writing. The main sections should be:

an introduction, in which it is necessary to state the problem (topic) of the work and the steps to solve it;

the theoretical part, in which you must outline the theoretical aspects of the chosen topic;

analytical part – in it you should describe the analytical steps to solve the problem or the topic;

a project part describing individual solutions;

conclusion and conclusions on the assignment;


To improve the quality of work it is worth several times to go through the material and correct mistakes or make changes.

It is also important for the positive evaluation of the design of the work and its presentation. Before the defense is worth the time and several times to rehearse the presentation of the work.

“To be or not to be a term paper?”


Dear student, We can offer You to shorten this long and painful, hard and thorny path!

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In the end, not everyone wants and is able to express logically consistently and write in a literary language, conduct a correct presentation of the material and observe the unity of style, provide spelling, syntactic and stylistic literacy of the language, and uniquely interpret specific concepts…

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Check yourself whether you know how to write an essay

Essay is a prosaic composition, usually it is rather short and has free composition. Essay expresses person’s thoughts, views and impressions on a specific issue and obviously not claiming a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

Some characteristic features of an essay:

  • availability of a specific topic or question. The work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems, by definition, can not be performed in this genre.
  • expression of personal insight on a particular occasion or problem.
  • as a rule, assumes a new, subjectively colored word about something. Such a work can have a philosophical, historical-biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, scientific-popular or purely fictional character.
  • in the content of the essay, the personality of the author, his worldview, thoughts and feelings, are first of all evaluated.

Structure and plan of the essay

The structure of an essay is determined by the requirements:

I. The author’s thoughts on the problem are presented in the form of brief theses;

II. The idea must be supported by evidence, so the thesis is followed by the arguments.

Arguments are facts, phenomena of social life, examples of events, life situations and life experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists, etc. It is better to give two arguments in favor of each particular thesis: one argument seems unconvincing, three arguments can “overload” the presentation performed in the genre, focused on brevity and imagery.

Thus, the essay acquires a ring structure (the number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the chosen plan, the logic of the development of thought):

  • introduction;
  • thesis, two arguments;
  • thesis, two arguments;
  • thesis, two arguments;
  • conclusion.

Pay attention to the following when writing an essay

When writing an essay, it is also important to consider the following points:

  1. The introduction and conclusion should focus on the problem (in the introduction it is put, in conclusion – the opinion of the author is summarized).
  2. It is necessary to divide text into logical paragraphs to establish a logical connection between paragraphs: thus the integrity of the work is achieved.
  3. Style of presentation: emotionality, expressiveness, artistry. Experts believe that the proper effect is provided by short, simple sentence with various intonations. However, the style reflects the characteristics of the individual character of the author, this is also useful to remember.

Before you start writing, pay attention to the following questions. The answers to them will allow you to more clearly define what is worth writing:

  1. When touching on your personal qualities or abilities, ask yourself:
  • Do I differ in this or that quality from other people?
  • How does this quality manifest itself?
  1. About every event in your life that you mentioned:
  • Why do I remember this event well?
  • Has it changed me as a person?
  • How did I react to this?
  • Was this a revelation for me; What I had not previously suspected?
  1. About the activities you have been doing:
  • What made me do this kind of work?
  • Why did I continue to do this?
  1. About every person you mentioned:
  • Why did I tell about this person?
  • Do I want to become like him?
  • What are his qualities I admire?
  • Did he tell something that I will remember all my life?
  • Have I revised my views after meeting him?
  1. About each of your failures:
  • What did I learn as a result?
  • What have I learned from this situation?
  1. About each of your preferences and what you do not like:
  • Why do I like or dislike it?
  • Has this circumstance affected to a large extent my life?

Essay and Report Writing Tips (with Examples)

The essay – the composition of short contents and free composition written in prose and expressing personal impressions, emotions and thoughts on a certain subject which don’t pretend on the defining interpretation. The author express especially the opinion about a certain subject and explains why he thinks quite so.

A report is a summary of the content or part of it, including the main factual information and conclusions necessary for the initial acquaintance with the document and determining the appropriateness of referring to it.

The essence of the report is a summary (with sufficient completeness) of the main content of the source. Writing a report is a process of analytical and synthetic processing of primary documents. Mostly scientific and technical literature is referenced, which contains new information.

The essay represents more free form of writing of philosophical work, than the report. Unlike the report, the author of the essay doesn’t apply for the exhaustive or standard interpretation of a subject. On the contrary, he shows own understanding of a key part of the problem, to reason the position, to convince the reader of its correctness. However, choosing such form of work, its author can’t forget that the essay always remains only to one of many “attempts” to solve this or that problem therefore can’t and shouldn’t apply for “the truth in final instance”.

Writing of the essay it is at the same time easier, and more complex work, than preparation of the report. Easier as from the author of the essay such deep study of a subject isn’t required as from the author of the report, acquaintance to the large volume of literature isn’t required. The form of the essay allows do without footnotes and execution of references that also facilitates work on competent execution of the text. Or you can order affordable essay writer help from 10$ per page at website.

However, essay is more complex work. It assumes ability and desire to think, form own position on rather difficult question, to reason it. Besides, for writing of the essay some literary abilities, at least, are required for ability accurately and clearly to state the thoughts in writing.

In short, an essay is what the author feels, more based on his thoughts, interests, worldviews. In the essay, you can specify those who influenced the point of view. In the report, all theses are argued, examples and references are mandatory, there is a compulsory scheme of writing.