Three Important Ranking Factors That Affect Local Searches

According to the best SEO companies in Jacksonville, there are a wide variety of algorithmic factors that affect a business’s or entity’s place in search results pages, even locally. Look closer, however, and you quickly notice that three key factors have tremendous weight for where you are ranked in such local search results pages. Those factors are your Google My Business Page information, your overall engagement with those seeking and using your business’s services or with your local community in general, and finally the amount of content you create online.

First, your Google My Business (GMB) page holds a major key to where you rank and the amount of business that gets driven directly towards you. This is the basic information package that includes; your location on Google maps and similar apps; your biographical information like address, phone number, and basic business information like website address; and finally reviews of your business. Your location on the maps apps is fairly straightforward and as long as Google has a current and accurate address for your business you are just about guaranteed that this will exist perfectly fine independent of you doing anything.

The next part of the package that includes your general information requires a bit more involvement on your part. You need to make sure that all your information is correct here and that your listing has not been hijacked or altered by dubious parties that have their motives for lowering your web ranking presence. Some of these parties include competitors who are tech-savvy and can hijack your listing and do things like adding their phone number under your listing, bringing themselves any clients who were initially interested in reaching your business. Other parties wreak havoc on these listings and all have their own motives, and because of the size of a giant like Google, policing of this is mainly left up to you. So, make sure you regularly check up on your basic information package and confirm to yourself regularly that everything is accurate and current.

The last piece of the package making up your GMB is all the various reviews of your business. Now, this is where most of your effort is required in this area of rankings potential. You need to see that every single mention of your business, and especially direct reviews, are all responded to appropriately. If they are positive, then thank the customer for their time in leaving the encouraging note and offer them some brief information relating to what they said you did well. If the review is more negative than ask what you could have done to have better served that customer and met their needs more fully. You should never engage in argumentative behaviors but can point out ways that you can fix the problem someone had when interacting with your business. Just be wary of trolls who are looking to bait you into engaging in a back and forth that is detrimental to your business’s online reputation. These can come from many sources from competitors to people who just have way too much time on their hands and the occasional angry person who is just having an unpleasant day and their outlet for their frustrations was a single interaction with an employee at your store.

No matter who it is, just offer ways in which you can remedy the issue that pointed out having with your business and point out ways in which you will keep this same situation from ever occurring again. If they had a problem with a specific good or service that you provide, offer a replacement or discount for a similar product or service if they give your business another chance, and encourage them to leave another review after their next interaction with you — assuring them you will strive to gain their approval and will do anything to accommodate their reasonable requests. Doing these few things will keep your basic ranking at a manageable level, but there are other things you should do to maximize your overall local search results rankings. The next step in the trio of factors is engagement.

This comes in many forms as well, the first of which we just discussed — the continued replies to all reviews of your business. According to the best SEO companies in Jacksonville the next way to engage with your customers, which will affect your rankings, is in areas like community building and your company’s overall reach into your local community. If you attend local functions that you and your family enjoy, then consider sponsoring those events. Engage with community members by getting yourself a booth at a local farmer’s market, bazaar, or even smaller local conventions. Any way you can get your company’s name into the mouth of the residents in your community will gain you traction in the form of search results.

This is because it will get people talking about your business. Whether they are just listing the sponsors of an event on a webpage or social media page or someone directly talks about an experience they had with meeting you in a post on social media. Any way in which your company name gets repeated will increase your presence and your overall reputation according to Google and other search entities. The more your company is talked about, referenced, recommended to others, and any other way your business may get discussed online will increase your search results rankings.

This will, therefore, increase the traffic directed to you, which creates more chatter, which creates more traffic, and it should continue in this upward spiral as long as you are doing business with professionalism and engaging with your local community in any way you can. Community engagement is often overlooked and the personal relationships you gain by performing well in this area will help you well beyond simple search results rankings.

The third and final factor to mention with local search results rankings is your content creation. You need to be feeding Google and others with a continuous stream of information about your business, what you represent, what you provide or sell, and any other relevant information related to your business. This can come in the form of a blog, mentions about your business in related business web pages and blogs, or even your own social media presence. Think about all the information you wish potential customers knew about your business that you think would encourage them to do business with you over any of your competition and find ways of conveying this exact info to everyone on the internet. If you consider yourself masterful at a certain aspect or niche in your marketplace, then point this out and explain what makes you so much more qualified to meet customers’ needs.

Create a presence online that is constantly being added to and fine-tuned on at the absolute bare minimum of a weekly basis. This is where you get to be creative and come up with new and exciting ways of enticing your customers through your doors for the first time. The more content you create about your business the better picture Google will have about what your business is about and will be better able to rank you for search results to keywords and phrases you may have never even thought to include in meta tags and other headlining informational areas.

As long as you focus your efforts in the three major areas of your GMB page, your local community engagement, and your online content creation, then you will see your business get ranked higher and higher on a continued and sustained basis. If you want to reach the top, then you will need to master all three factors and put forth a lot of effort and energy into each of them. As long as you continue to expand and improve in all three, you will face continued success and not just by simple local search results rankings either. Your business will see plenty of success with each area you master and expand upon in your daily dealings. If you were seeking to rise to the top, master all three factors and you will be well on your way to reaching that coveted top spot.