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The basic requirement for link building is worthy content. Once the link building is complete, the link needs to be maintained. The link popularity gets improved by attracting links to your site so that your search engine rankings of your website or page can be increased.

SEO strategy for higher website rankings

  • Understand SEO: Understanding how SEO works and the different tactics adopted for website rankings can help a start-up to understand digital marketing better. Various agencies like com offer Perfect SEO Packages that can help brands establish a strong online presence and gain back each penny invested for SEO. When individuals look for something online, they may look for immediate answers. So the brands will have to implement strategies and keep on changing these strategies, based on customer needs and trends.

  • Run a website audit: Perform a thorough analysis of the site. Check for content, images, infographics, URLs, backlinks, meta tags and descriptions. You can either seek the help of certain agencies or use tools for a thorough checking of your site. Once the issues are solved, make sure to optimize the SEO strategy.

  • Thoroughly check the backlinks: Backlinks from a recognized website can be beneficial for your brand. Backlinks from a website with less activity may negatively affect the search engine rankings. Also, traffic and conversions would be less.

  • Focus more on promotions: Focusing more on promoting a brand does not mean that the content quality does not matter. The brand should always maintain content quality and continue posting fresh and relevant content. Increased focus on promotions helps the content reach a wider audience.

  • Track progress: Evaluating the progress of your site can help in making changes to the current SEO strategy, if required. There should be a goal or an aim behind tracking the progress of the site.

  • Never rush into making decisions: Always think things over and have discussions with your team regarding the strategies that are designed or changed. Improvements and conversions don’t happen overnight. It takes time for a marketing strategy to work and be effective.

  • Make the website faster: Website speed is one of the main elements overlooked by brands. Interestingly, this can be a reason for lower SEO ranking. If a brand’s site takes time to load, most users would lose interest and abandon the site. Almost all users expect the websites they access to load in two seconds or so. Website speed is not only taken into account by search engines but by the audience too. If the site takes too much time to load, many people will not be interested in returning at all. There could be many elements hampering the website speed. One of these elements may be the time it takes to load images. If images on the site are compressed, the site will be able to load faster!

  • Secure the site with HTTPS: If the site you own is not secured with HTTPS, implement it. HTTPS is a safe and secure version of the http web protocol. It works with SSL to communicate information in a safe and secure method. It can provide a safe experience to visitors. There are benefits in owning HTTPS from an SEO point of view. Many search engines warn website users that non-SEO websites may not be secure. This makes audiences prefer secure websites with HTTPS.

  • Optimize the mobile version of your site: Many brands would like users to access their sites from any device. For this to be possible, the site that is designed needs to be compatible with smartphones or tablets. However, a site that is accessed through a smartphone should be responsive. Most website traffic these days comes from mobile phones. Thus, it’s always good to have a mobile-friendly website.

  • Improve traffic: Search engines majorly look for websites with strong user engagement. In SEO, user engagement gets measured by the time spent by a user on a particular website. The more time users spend on a site, the more likely they will engage with the content. The site should also have lower bounce rates. Such sites would have increased traffic and conversions.

  • Focus on user experience: User experience can be a major element in SEO and lead generation. Therefore, a site should be well-designed and easy to use. If visitors can easily find the information they are looking for, they would come back based on the positive user experience they encounter while visiting the site.

  • Implement long tail keywords in SEO: One of the basic tricks while implementing an SEO strategy is to include long-tail keywords. They are longer and more specific than broad keywords but are limited to one or two words. Long-tail keywords are used in SEO strategy as they generate more traffic and leads to the website.

  • Create optimized video content: Search engines use videos and if audiences search using specific keywords, they will get redirected to the site with videos. But just the creation of videos and publishing it won’t be effective. The videos should be optimized using specific keywords to target the audience.

  • Use apt title and meta-tags: Title tags are headlines that are clickable and which appear in search results. They are important from an SEO perspective. At the same time, a meta description is a brief summary displayed below the title tag on search engines. Ensure you write a unique description, include target keywords and provide a summary for this description. When the audiences see it, they should feel the urge to click on your website link at first glance from the search engine result.

  • Use internal linking: Internal links are helpful in establishing a hierarchy of information on your website. It helps the search engine gain a deeper understanding of a website. Such links can boost rankings when used in the right way.

Brands can seek the help of agencies like perfectlinkbuilding.com  to avail of perfect SEO packages. When an agency takes care of SEO campaigns and link building, it would be much more efficient in comparison to a team the brand owns. Though a brand may have a dedicated team of SEO specialists to monitor and make changes to the strategies, agencies have experience in handling various websites that belong to different niche markets. For this reason, agencies with expertise and experience can work more efficiently.