What Is MintVine And How To Earn From It?

MintVine is an online survey company that carries out market research while giving registered users on the site an opportunity to earn while giving their opinions on surveys. This platform is one of the ways online users can make passive income on the internet.

Generally, survey sites are paid by companies and businesses to help collect data from the market that can be used in the decision making process and strategy formulation for their business. These data are not personal data like contacts and addresses; rather, they are personal preferences and reviews of certain products and services. The sole aim of a survey site is to provide information for business to know what its customers need and what their buying habits are. Members of these sites are given their own share of the amount paid by the hiring company  when they complete a survey. Some platforms may also offer additional ways of earning through referrals, or even money back plans on products purchased.

How to join MintVine.

Becoming a member of MintVine is easy and free, but there are requirements before you can fill their surveys, they are:

  • You must have an active e-mail address. A mail will be sent to your inbox to confirm your request when setting up your account, so you must have an active e-mail.Alternatively, this platform allows you to register with your Facebook account so you can make use of it instead of your email. No private information is collected for this so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • You need to complete a questionnaire on the site. The completion of the questionnaire makes it easy for MintVine to send you a survey that matches your preferences. Note that the information given while filling the questionnaire is confidential.
  • Have a PayPal Or Dwolla account/address. You can make use of any of the other alternatives to get as well such as gift cards.

Once all these requirements are met you can visit the MintVine website to get started. You will be required to fill your first name, last name, and email address to get started. Once you pass that stage, you will be taken through an introduction to get you up to speed on how to earn money and credits; you can get up to 200 hundred free credit for signing up. When you complete the process, you are in, then you can head in to point place or survey street.

Concerned about privacy? Visit https://surveys.gobranded.com/page/mintvine-privacy-policy for MintVine’s privacy policy.


How to make money with MintVine.

When you fill surveys on the site, you are rewarded with points. However, filling survey is not the only means of making money. MintVine has a section for offers and promotions. Besides, you can download apps and watch adverts to get more points; it is an easy way to get extra points in addition to fulling surveys. Offers you take for more points includes, downloading apps, signing up to Newsletters, signing to a casino and bingo sites, discount sites, buying products and watching adverts.

Making more money using the MintVine site.

  • Daily poll and poll streaks: daily, users get a new poll that pops up at the lower right of the screen. The daily poll is the first place to look for daily points- it is the fastest place to get points, and it pays instantly although the points are quite minimal. You get 5 points for answering this poll, it is easy, and fast, it takes about a minute of your time; you answer, you get more points. After answering ten poll questions in a row, you get 25 points as a bonus, and this takes just about 5 minutes.
  • Take a survey at your schedule: this is the main means for making money on any survey site but you can have it to be easier and comfortable using the MintVine. The site works for you to keep a massive rotation of surveys at hand whenever you have the time to take them. What this simply means is that you get to fill a survey when and where you want; you need to understand your schedule to effectively use this feature. Since surveys require focused attention, it is needful to fill it at the desired time. Instead of trying to fill a survey while in a meeting or business deal, you can easily schedule your time and be sure of having a survey waiting for you on MintVine when you come online.
  • Invites in your inbox: having established the feature above, you can schedule when to receive survey invites in your email inbox. You won’t just have survey invites pop up at any time of the day but at the time you schedule for it. You can choose to make all your invites for the day come in