Synopsis. How to write the best review.

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To write a good synopsis is a problem for many experienced and well-known authors. And beginners often do not even imagine what it is.

In fact, this is a summary of the story about which you wrote the book. And notice, it’s not retelling, but the presentation. The paraphrase is an enumeration of the main events from the prologue to the word “end”. And the presentation is a creative analysis of the work. It includes not only events, but also the essence of the situation and ideas, the essence of the conflict and intrigue, as well as the essence of the importance of the main character (or several). In editorial circles there is an opinion that the ideal synopsis should consist of one or two sentences. The scope of the short review should be small. Nobody will understand the subtleties of the author’s intrigue, set out on ten pages. The synopsis content of your story shouldn’t exceed two pages or 4000-5000 characters with spaces. And the less it turns out, the better. The main thing is that the synopsis should reflect the essence of the plot. How to achieve this? Just follow the rules!

Rules of writing of a synopsis
1. Statement — in the present and in third person even if your novel is written from the first person.
2. Style – publicistic, offers – capacious and short, the humour, sarcasm or irony – aren’t appropriate, instructions on your genius – too.
3. In the text of a synopsis it is important to answer the following questions in brief:
about what the history is;
who is the main characters and what their features;
what the conflict is this story;
what purpose of heroes;
in what world there are events.
4. Excess details, as well as author’s emotions — are excluded. The real facts told simply and passionlessly: I was born unusual among ordinary people – I have followed ways at the villain – I have overcome the evil – I married – I have died in old age in an environment of grandsons. And all.
5. Surely accurately to depict an ending, and in the presence of continuation of the book – to point to it and to designate in brief that the hero intends to do next.
6. It is also important to specify your full names and contacts, the name of the book (and if it is necessary, to add that it is the first book of a cycle), to designate a genre in a synopsis and it is desirable – a publishing series at which you have aimed.
7. If have met the word “synopsis” on the website of publishing house, you don’t hurry to look for information on the Internet. Attentively study the website and at first look for requirements on the place.